Stephanie O’Sullivan: Cyber Literacy, Empowerment, Diversity Key to Cybersecurity Efforts

Stephanie O'Sullivan
Stephanie O’Sullivan

Stephanie O’Sullivan, principal deputy director of national intelligence, believes that the government’s cybersecurity efforts could use the help of the diverse pool of talents in industry and academia.

In her written remarks Thursday at the Cyber Education Summit, O’Sullivan said the cybersecurity community must work together to increase cyber literacy and empowerment in order to combat threats.

She noted that the combination of cyber criminals, hacktivists, terrorist groups and state actors presents a complex group of threats to national and economic security.

According to O’Sullivan, the Intelligence Community and other organizations should work to address the need for more knowledgeable and empowered individuals to support cybersecurity efforts through lowered barriers to entry in the cyber field, information sharing, smart risk management and innovation.

“[Those] two things – increasing participation in the cyber conversation and empowerment – will help us, as a nation, foster the next generation of innovators and visionaries,” she said.

She also added that diversity and integration are key aspects of the Intelligence Community’s cyber strategy.

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