Army, Navy Kick Off JENM Software Adoption for Military Satcom System; Nathan Rozea Comments

MUOS-satelliteArmy and Navy personnel have started to use the Joint Enterprise Network Manager platform in an effort to support operational tests of the Mobile User Objective System, the Army website reported Monday.

JENM is a software application designed to manage, configure and monitor low-tier tactical radio networks, while MUOS is a narrowband-based military satellite communications platform that works to help users share voice and data over MUOS-based software-defined radios.

“Today’s joint military has thousands of software defined radios that enable advanced communications, voice and data sharing, so the managing software behind those radios is critical; it’s the real muscle that binds the network together,” said Maj. Nathan Rozea, assistant product manager of current operations for JENM at the Army.

Amy Walker writes the Army has begun to adopt JENM v3 as part of the one-month multi-service MUOS operational test and evaluation that was launched in mid-October.

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