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CIA’s John Brennan: Intell Officials Face Challenges to Prevent Likely Attacks After Paris

John Brennan
John Brennan

CIA Director John Brennan believes the Islamic State group may have planned other attacks following those in Paris last week even as the international community works to prevent further incidents, USA Today reported Monday.

Bart Jansen writes that Brennan said at a recent Center for Strategic and International Studies forum the Paris attacks are not likely to be an isolated event.

“This was something that was deliberately and carefully planned over the course of several months,” Brennan told his audience, according to the report.

He noted that security and intelligence groups around the world must work together to uncover potential attacks and increase their manpower to address the need for additional resources to monitor the movement of people through borders.

Josh Gerstein and Nick Gass also report on Politico that Brennan has indicated some challenges due to privacy protections from government surveillance and the technologies the terrorists use to prevent the interception of their communications.

“There are a lot of technological capabilities that are available right now that make it exceptionally difficult both technically as well as legally for intelligence security services to have insight that they need to uncover it,” the CIA director said.

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