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DOE: 3 Natl Labs Form Supercomputing Tech Development Alliance

computer-technologyThree Energy Department-funded research centers have forged a partnership that aims to increase scientists’ access to supercomputer technology in efforts to address scientific, national security and environmental problems.

DOE said Tuesday the Los Alamos, Sandia and Lawrence Berkeley national laboratories created the Alliance for Application Performance at Extreme Scale to design, procure and implement high-performance computing systems for management of research workflows.

APEX will help build the Crossroads and NERSC-9 supercomputers as well as develop technology concepts for the Advanced Simulation and Computing Program and the Advanced Scientific Computing Research Program.

DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration run the ASC initiative while the department’s office of science manages the ASCR effort.

The alliance also seeks to collaborate with technology vendors to increase application performance, realiability and workflow efficiency of the Crossroads and NERSC 9 platforms.

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