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Anthony Foxx: DOT Seeks ‘Smart City’ Design Ideas Through Contest

highwayThe Transportation Department will award up to $40 million through a national contest that seeks to encourage development of technology- and data-based approaches for U.S. cities to address mobility, environmental and safety problems.

DOT said Monday the Smart City Challenge winner will also receive as much as $10 million from Vulcan, a Seattle-based company founded and led by investor Paul Allen.

Transportation Secretary Anthonny Foxx hosted a national webcast Tuesday to discuss the requirements and selection process for the competition and the department plans to hold a forum on Tuesday to provide further information.

“This is an opportunity for the winning city to define what it means to be a ‘Smart City’ when it comes to transportation.  We encourage cities to develop their own unique vision, partnerships and blueprints to demonstrate to the world what a fully integrated, forward-looking transportation network looks like,” Foxx said.

The department will pick one city to demonstrate how technology and data can help reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions and risks to travelers.

DOT will accept smart city ideas through Feb. 4, 2016, and name five finalists by March before it awards a contract in June.

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