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Army Implements Online Storefront for Tactical Communication Security Tools

ManpackRadio1The U.S. Army has implemented a virtual storefront that works to help soldiers obtain cryptographic tools for the security of laptops, radio systems and other communication platforms used in the battlefield.

The Army built the online platform as part of Key Management Infrastructure that the military service intends to deploy at its operational facilities through December 2017, according to an article published Tuesday on the Army website.

Twenty Army installations have adopted KMI since fiscal 2014.

“Before, you had to drive the key to the individual units or they had to send someone to get it, even in combat zones,” said Kevin Walsh, the Army’s key management product lead.

“Now, the users are able to go to the KMI storefront, order their products and have them delivered to them over the network,” Walsh added.

KMI is meant to replace the Army’s Electronic Key Management System and helps the military branch secure, manage and deliver cryptographic products to soldiers.

The infrastructure consists of core nodes designed to store data, protect routing and generate keys through a National Security Agency-run facility.

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