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Ashton Carter: Pentagon Involves Innovators Through USDS, DIUX Initiatives

Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the Defense Department has initiated efforts to promote innovation and attract new talent through the U.S. Digital Service and the Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental program, DoD News reported Wednesday.

Cheryl Pellerin writes Carter made the remarks at the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum held Tuesday at the Harvard Institute of Politics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Carter said the U.S. Digital Service works to address data and information technology problems the Pentagon currently faces, while DIUX is DoD’s partnership with Silicon Valley that looks for emerging technologies.

The defense chief also cited cyber, biology and approaches to counter violent extremism as other opportunities that talented individuals could take part in as part of DoD’s innovation program, Pellerin reports.

He noted that DoD also works to involve service personnel in the development of corporate technology platforms.

“We need to manage our workforce in defense the way thoughtful companies do today,” Carter said at the forum.

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