FCW: Zero-Day Bug Hits Naval Research Lab’s Unclassified Network

CyberCrimeKeyboardA Naval Research Laboratory-run unclassified network was a target of hackers who used a zero-day exploit to access the network, FCW reported Thursday.

Sean Lyngaas writes U.S. Navy Capt. Mark Bruington, the NRL’s commanding officer, said the laboratory has worked to mitigate the exploited vulnerability after its discovery of the breach.

“It just shows that everybody can be a target,” Bruington was quoted as saying by FCW.

A 2013 hack on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet‘s unclassified segment prompted the Navy and the NRL to revamp their cybersecurity strategies, the publication reports.

The laboratory collaborates with the 10th Fleet’s network defense and information operations hubs and helps explore network management models for the Navy, the report said.

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