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Gen. Petr Pavel: NATO Eyes Intell, Resource Sharing to Combat Islamic State Group

Gen. Petr Pavel
Gen. Petr Pavel

Gen. Petr Pavel, chairman of NATO’s military committee, has said greater information sharing between international agencies will help the global effort to combat the Islamic State militant group and other adversaries in an interview with Defense News published Tuesday.

Pavel told reporter Andrew Clevenger in an interview that countries should share intelligence and other resources to meet both internal and external security needs.

“We have to put much more attention into streamlining, simplifying the flow of intelligence through different agencies from [different] countries,” Pavel said in the interview.

He added NATO in turn works to hinder the Islamic State group’s own resources, including its reinforcements from abroad and revenue from oil.

“It is time now to sit down and provide a really comprehensive campaign plan against ISIL, divide the roles and assign the responsibility for specific parts of this campaign to different organizations and provide appropriate tools for respective parts of the job,” Pavel said.

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