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Katherine Hammack: Army Eyes ‘Smart’ Power Grid Development Through Partnerships

Katherine Hammack
Katherine Hammack

Katherine Hammack — assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for installations, energy and environment — has said the military branch aims to develop microgrid technology that can distribute power in case of an outage, the Army News Service reported Thursday.

Hammack told audience during a panel discussion held Thursday at the Newseum in Washington that the Army and Hawaii Electric Light Co. will collaborate to build a multifuel power plant at a military site in Hawaii under an easement deal.

The project’s goal is to restore electricity at Army facilities on the island if the main grid power system goes out, according to Hammack.

She added the military branch will also collaborate with Sandia National Laboratories to develop a solar-powered microgrid system and a vehicle-to-grid method for electrical power storage at Fort Carson, Colorado. through the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security initiative.

Hammack also noted the Energy Department and Sandia recently tested 20 Army-run microgrids and found the systems function well and employ cybersecurity tools.

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