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OPM Concludes Postal Notifications to Federal Data Theft Victims

cybersecurityThe Office of Personnel Management reports it has mailed notification letters to almost 93 percent of federal employees and contractors whose records were compromised in a breach of OPM’s backround investigation database.

OPM said Friday it will collect addresses of hack victims whom the agency could not locate through a Defense Department-run online verification center.

The agency will also use the breach verification website to assist those who have problems with their PINs for availment of the government’s free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.

“The interagency team continues to review the impacted data to monitor for any misuse, and the U.S. government will also continue to evaluate the coverage being provided and whether any adjustments are appropriate in association with this incident,” said Sam Schumach, OPM’s press secretary.

OPM warned that federal breach notification emails that seek personal information and do not direct a recipient to the agency’s cybersecurity website should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

The agency also recommended that impacted individuals monitor their financial account statements, request credit reports from Equifax, TransUnion or Experian and read FTC-provided consumer publications about identity theft and computer intrusions.

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