President Obama Orders Reform of Senior Executive Service

WhiteHousePresident Barack Obama has signed an executive order to implement new initiatives for federal agencies to attract and develop future Senior Executive Service members who can help transform government.

Obama instructed agency deputy secretaries to regularly monitor SES vacancies and recruitment efforts and ordered agencies to develop a talent and succession management system for senior-level executives, Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan and Acting Office of Personnel Management Director Beth Cobert wrote in a blog entry posted Tuesday.

Donovan and Cobert said agencies must also formulate SES rotation strategies as well as create onboarding programs for career and noncareer positions of the service.

Obama requires that SES members complete at least one professional development program a year and undergo leadership evaluation at least every three years.

The order also establishes a President’s Management Council subcommittee to advise council members, OPM and the White House on how to further strengthen the service.

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