Stephen Morris: Fingerprint System Helps FBI Gain Efficiencies

fingerprintThe FBI believes it has gained more benefits from its fingerprint processing technology than what it expected five years ago when the system was launched, Federal News Radio reported Tuesday.

Jason Miller writes the agency currently uses the next generation identification system to process 650,000 criminal transactions every day, with the search response time spanning 10 seconds compared to two hours in 2000.

The FBI rolled out the crime solving service in five increments and completed the process more than a year ago, according to the report.

Stephen Morris, assistant director of the FBI’s criminal justice information services division, told the station that as the agency issued increments, ” you realize the efficiencies from those before you move to the next increment, so it’s kind of like a building block.”

Law enforcement officers also use NGI to access palm prints, latent fingerprints and facial recognition data, the station reports.


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