Andy Slavitt of CMS Advocates for Medicaid Infrastructure Investment

Andy Slavitt
Andy Slavitt

Andy Slavitt, acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, has called for investments in the Medicaid information technology in an effort to help with customer service work.

Slavitt wrote in a blog article published Monday that he believes “investing in the future of Medicaid is one of the single biggest opportunities in the health care sector.”

He noted that CMS has helped states to update their Medicaid IT infrastructure through an annual investment that he says has reached more than $5 billion to fulfill the needs of providers and beneficiaries.

“CMS and states are prepared to invest in innovative solutions,” Slavitt wrote.

He said CMS will provide resources for the technology community to begin the work in addition to program funding.

CMS also launched a new website to help the technology community participate in the Medicaid IT market.

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