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Army, DISA Start to Implement Defense Email Mailbox Size Limits

Computer-EngineeringThe U.S. Army and Defense Information Systems Agency have started to implement mailbox size limits for the Defense Enterprise Email system in an effort to address increased storage consumption across the service.

The Army said Wednesday the mailbox size limit works to control costs, facilitate system efficiency and shorten program startup times.

“Mailbox management at all user levels is critical to ensuring that Army storage requirements do not grow at unsustainable and unaffordable rates,” said John Howell, product director for enterprise content collaboration and messaging at the Army.

Lt. Gen. Robert Ferrell, Army chief information officer/G-6, noted that the service branch will annually review command mailbox limits to ensure they meet mission requirements.

The Army said it aims to reduce mailboxes that go over four gigabytes.

DISA announced its plan to cap mailbox sizes for the military in August.

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