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Ashton Carter: US Seeks ‘Win-Win’ Outcome Amid Rising APAC Military Powers

Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said at the World Economic Forum that the U.S. welcomes the emerging military power of Asia-Pacific countries such as China, Japan and India, DoD News reported Saturday.

Terri Moon Cronk writes that Carter has indicated the U.S. also does not intend to hinder the rise of China as it works to maintain peace and stability in the region.

“I think we were the pivotal factor in making [an environment] in which… essentially everybody could follow their own destiny toward prosperity,” Carter said, according to the report.

The defense secretary also reiterated the U.S. stance against militarization and said it will continue to provide support in maritime security and strengthen alliances in the region.

“We are not separate, we are not dividing the region, [and] we don’t seek to ask people to take sides,” he said.

“I look forward to working with all my colleagues in the region, including the Chinese, to get an outcome that’s win-win-win-win for everybody.”

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