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DOE Picks X-energy, Southern Company for Nuclear Reactor R&D Projects; Ernest Moniz Comments

Ernest Moniz
Ernest Moniz

The Energy Department has awarded research and development funds to Southern Company and X-energy to further develop their nuclear reactor projects as part of the government’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

DOE said Friday both awards have a cost-share value of up to $80 million and seek to exemplify public-private partnerships under the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear program.

“In order to ensure that nuclear energy remains a key source for U.S. electricity generation well into the future, it is critically important that we invest in these technologies today,” said Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

X-energy will develop its Xe-100 Pebble Bed Advanced Reactor concept with Teledyne-Brown Engineering, SGL Group, BWX Technology, Oregon State University, Idaho National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Southern Company Services, a Southern Company subsidiary, will conduct materials suitability and integrated effects tests on its Molten Chloride Fast Reactor with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Electric Power Research Institute, TerraPower and Vanderbilt University.

Both firms will each receive $6 million in initial investment from DOE to help fund their projects.

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