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Ernest Moniz: DOE Launches $58M in Vehicle Technology Investments

Ernest Moniz
Ernest Moniz

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has said the Energy Department plans to award $50 million in funds to support the development of vehicle technologies that support efforts to achieve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

DOE will focus on projects that deal with the development of electric drive vehicle motors, battery components, plug-in electric vehicles, lubricants, energy storage and combustion systems, Moniz said in a press release issued Thursday.

He also announced that DOE will award $3 million in funds to the National Association of Regional Councils and transportation consortium CALSTART to develop platforms that will work to consolidate the procurement of vehicles and related components.

“Our work refining cars that are efficient, affordable and can plug into the grid will also help propel us to even greater progress on reducing pollution and boosting energy security,” said Moniz.

DOE said in a report that its $8 billion Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan initiative has also helped create at least 35,000 jobs and produce more than 4 million fuel-efficient vehicles.

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