FCW: Obama Cites Islamic State Group’s Internet Usage State of the Union Address

CyberStockPresident Barack Obama has said in his final State of the Union address how al Qaeda and the Islamic State militant group promote terrorism through the Internet, FCW reported Tuesday.

“They use the Internet to poison the minds of individuals inside our country; they undermine our allies,” Obama said.

Aisha Chowdhry writes the president did not mention the issue of cybersecurity in his latest speech compared with his previous addresses, such as his call for the passage of cyber legislation in his 2015 speech.

Obama also cited the efforts of the U.S. government to fight the Islamic State organization.

“For more than a year, America has led a coalition of more than 60 countries to cut off ISIL’s financing, disrupt their plots, stop the flow of terrorist fighters, and stamp out their vicious ideology,” he said in his speech.

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