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Jeff Johnson: FirstNet Sets Path Toward National Broadband Network Development

CellTowerJeff Johnson, vice chair of the First Responder Network Authority board, wrote in a blog entry posted Thursday the agency has implemented initiatives during 2015 to prepare for the construction and implementation of a nationwide public-safety broadband network.

He said FirstNet consulted with federal, state, local and tribal government organizations to gather ideas on how firefighters and emergency medical services personnel coordinate, communicate and gain situational awareness during a critical situation.

The agency also launched efforts to examine the potential use of indoor location technology for emergency response missions and develop a cybersecurity framework for the U.S.’ future public safety communications infrastructure, according to Johnson.

FirstNet’s board approved the project’s final solicitation document in late 2014 and has called on the public and private sectors to collaborate to build and manage the network.

“Collectively, these and other developments from the past year have helped foster an inclusive, transparent and productive dialogue between FirstNet and the public-safety community at all levels of government,” Johnson noted

“As we look ahead to 2016 and beyond, I’m confident we’re on the right path toward building a broadband network that will serve America’s firefighters, EMS providers and other emergency responders,” he added.

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