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Navy Demos Common Control System on Unmanned Vehicle; Ralph Lee Comments

NavyC5ISRThe U.S. Navy has conducted underwater demonstrations on a fresh common control system with an unmanned vehicle at the Puget Sound, Washington-based Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport.

The system transmitted pre-planned missions to the autonomous controller of a large displacement unmanned undersea vehicle during the tests in December, the Navy said Friday.

Submarine operators also executed surveillance and intelligence preparation missions using the system.

“These tests proved that operators could use CCS from a single global operations center to plan, command, and monitor UUVs on missions located anywhere in the world,” said Capt. Ralph Lee, lead of the Navy’s CCS program.

The system is built to incorporate a common framework, user interface and components that work with different types of unmanned systems.

The Navy plans to integrate the system into the unmanned carrier-launched airborne surveillance and strike program first.

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