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OMB Details White House Investment Proposals in FY 2017 Budget

budget analysis reviewThe Office of Management and Budget has detailed some of President Barack Obama’s proposals for investments under the president’s fiscal year 2017 budget plan.

Jamal Brown, OMB press secretary, wrote in a blog article published Wednesday that the president’s FY 2017 budget aims to invest in new programs for economic opportunity and mobility.

Obama wants to pump $15 million into a mobility counseling pilot to help recipients of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s housing assistance stay in safe neighborhoods.

The budget also proposes to allocate $2 billion in emergency aid and service connection grants for an initiative to help families in crisis regain stability.

The president also seeks to invest $128 million in the Education Department’s Promise Neighborhoods program and $200 million in HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods program to help improve educational and employment outcomes.

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