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Report: White House to Request $95M Cyber Defense Budget for Fiscal 2017

cybersecurityPresident Barack Obama plans to ask Congress for about $95 million in new funding to bolster cyber threat defense of computer systems across the government, Bloomberg reported Saturday.

Angela Greiling Keane writes the Obama administration aims to prevent another massive breach following the Office of Personnel Management hack last year that compromised approximately 20 million government personnel records.

“You can never reach 100 percent, but we will be striving to reduce the risk to as low a level as we can,” Michael Daniel, the cybersecurity ccordinator at the National Security Council, said during a conference call with reporters.

Office of Management and Budget press secretary Jamal Brown said Friday in a blog post the White House will establish a National Background Investigations Bureau as part of security clearance and investigative process reform efforts.

The Defense Department will be tasked to manage security of information technology systems of the bureau, Brown noted.

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