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Reports: Benjamin Netanyahu Eyes Increased Investment, Eased Export Limits for Cyber Tech

cybersecurityIsrael Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that the country should continue to counter Islamic militant groups that use cyber warfare as a way to push humanity back to “medievalism,” The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

David Shamah writes that Netanyahu told his audience at the Cybertech 2016 event that Israel should push further to increase investment in cybersecurity and become the leading cyber power in the world.

According to the prime minister, the international community should also take part in efforts to combat cyber criminals.

“There is a critical need for like-minded governments to have serious discussions about cooperation in the broader international realm,” he said.

“We will then be able to establish international standards that will increase cybersecurity.”

Reuters also reported that Netanyahu has indicated his plan to minimize restrictions on cyber technology exports to boost the country’s cybersecurity industry, which saw increased sales in 2015.

“My goal is to enable that growth, that productivity, while maintaining a very narrow band of interest of national security,” he said.

The prime minister’s assurance follows news that the Israel defense ministry intends to limit the export of technology that could be used on cyber attacks, Reuters reports.

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