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Willie May Unveils Blog Site for NIST’s Measurement Tech R&D Efforts

Willie May
Willie May

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has launched a new blog site to inform people about the agency’s work to develop methods and tools for measurement of various materials.

NIST Director Willie May, also the commerce undersecretary for standards and technology, said Thursday the agency also wants to share a wide range of science and technology programs with the public through its Taking Measure blog.

“This blog will give you a glimpse into our labs and show you where science is today and where it might take us tomorrow,” he added.

The agency’s research team explores new technology to determine the proper dosage for medicines and calculate size of automotive and computer parts, according to May.

He noted the NIST also aims to develop forensic science and medical diagnostic methods as well as collaborates with multiple organizations and individuals worldwide to promote product design standards, safety and market opportunities for U.S.-based companies.

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