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GSA Program Adds 10 Agency-Specific Dashboards to Online Analytics Platform

digital governmentThe General Services Administration‘s Digital Analytics Program has introduced 10 agency-specific dashboards to an online tool that works to collect analytics data on Web traffic to government agencies’ websites.

An article posted Thursday said the dashboards added to the analytics.usa.gov aim to provide information on the public’s interaction with websites of specific agencies.

Tim Lowden, DAP team lead, co-wrote the post with GSA’s 18F organization innovation specialists Gabriel Ramirez, Gray Brooks, Eric Mill, Colin Craig and Julia Winn.

Agencies that volunteered to take part in the initial release of the dashboards are NASA, Environmental Protection Agency, National Archives and Records Administration, Small Business Administration and the departments of Commerce, Veterans Affairs, Education, Energy, Interior and Justice.

Each dashboard shows visits to agency websites over the past three months as well as locations of online visitors in the U.S. and overseas.

The types of devices, browsers and operating systems that online visitors used to access government websites are also provided in the dashboards.

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