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NASA Gets $260M Cut, $19B Total Budget in Obama’s FY 2017 Proposal

BudgetThe White House has cut $260 million in its allotted funds for NASA in fiscal year 2017 and submitted a $19 billion budget for the space agency as part of the administration’s overall proposal, Space News reported Tuesday.

Jeff Foust writes that the amount includes $3.3 billion for space exploration programs after it received a nearly $700 million cut for the Space Launch System and a $150 million reduction for Orion.

“This is the administration’s proposal as to how to provide a balanced NASA budget, both for exploration and across other areas,” NASA CFO David Radzanowski said in a statement to media.

The report said the current budget request covers the 2018 Exploration Mission-1 launch and 2023 EM-2 launch of SLS and Orion.

Ledyard King also reports on USA Today that the proposal also cuts $100 million from planetary science projects while adding at least $110 million to Earth science.

Overall, $5.6 billion will go to science programs, $5.1 billion to space operations, $827 million to space technology, $790 million to aeronautics research, $100 million to education and outreach efforts and the remaining $3.3 billion to safety, security and logistics.

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