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Army Incorporates Cyber Functions Into Tactical Mission Training

tablet-soldier-c4isrThe U.S. Army‘s cyber organization took part in a military training rotation at Fort Erwin, California, to facilitate defense and offensive cyberspace, intelligence and data operations during the exercise.

The Army Cyber Command said Monday its participation at a recent National Training Center activity for the Lancer Brigade was part of a pilot program meant to help the military service integrate cyber functions into the branch’s tactical units.

Prior to the rotation, the command’s 780th Military Intelligence Brigade worked to build a realistic cyber environment within the NTC’s training area.

Army Cyber Institute researchers also took part in the exercise to observe and document their observations for the future development of a military cyber doctrine.

“We hope to add value by understanding the current challenges facing staff integration and cyber planning at the maneuver headquarters, as well as the expeditionary nature of cyber enabling at the maneuver headquarters,” said Capt. Frederick Waage.

The Army plans to use data from the NTC rotation and the Cyber Support to Corps and Below initiative to make decisions on various warfighting elements such as manning, individual and collective training, equipment, tactics and rules of engagement.

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