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FBI, NHTSA Roll Out Public Alert on Cyber Threat Risks in Motor Vehicles

cybersecurityThe FBI and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationt have released a public service announcement that seeks to raise awareness on cybersecurity threats linked to Internet-connected devices in motor vehicles.

That PSA posted Thursday says threat actors can remotely attack a vehicle’s electronic control unit through the use of vulnerabilities in third-party devices connected to the vehicle’s diagnostics ports.

The agencies have asked car owners to verify the authenticity of software update notifications from manufacturers and exercise caution when establishing third-party device connections in order to reduce cyber risks in their vehicles.

Vehicle owners should also be aware of individuals that have physical access to the vehicle and avoid unauthorized alterations to vehicle software, according to the PSA.

In case of a hacking incident, vehicle owners are advised to check for vehicle recall updates, contact the manufacturer or authorized dealer and file a complaint with the FBI and NHTSA.

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