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GAO: DoD, VA Should Develop Criteria for Federal Healthcare Center Leadership Selection

medical health doctorThe Government Accountability Office has called on the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to collaborate on the development of criteria for use in the selection and assessment of leaders for a federal healthcare center demonstration.

GAO made the recommendation after it evaluated the governance structure of the Captain James A. Lovell FHCC demonstration, the congressional audit agency said in a report released Monday.

DoD and VA set up the five-year FHCC demonstration in Illinois under the fiscal year 2010 National Defense Authorization Act in an effort to combine U.S. Navy and VA medical facilities into a single center that works to provide healthcare services to beneficiaries of both departments.

GAO also recommended that VA and the Pentagon should address differences in security standards for the FHCC’s information technology networks to improve the integration of administrative and clinical operations.

DoD and VA should also work together to carry out data-driven analysis of the FHCC’s workforce in order to manage staffing difficulties across the facility, according to the report.

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