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GAO Urges DoD to Check Accuracy of Real Property Mgmt Data

GAOThe Government Accountability Office has called on the Defense Department to verify the accuracy of its real property inventory system that is used to make reports on leased assets.

GAO said Tuesday it found errors in nearly 15 percent of the Real Property Assets Database‘s lease records for fiscal year 2011 and 10 percent of the records for fiscal year 2013, mostly referring to the lease records for the U.S. Army.

The government watchdog found that the Army did not follow DoD guidance on how to report lease costs and that DoD lacked oversight of how security assessments are performed on leased assets.

GAO also found issues in the Federal Protective Service assessment data for fiscal years 2011 and 2013, such as omissions in schedule within the required period, overwritten data on previously recorded assessment dates and unrecorded dates for completed and next-scheduled assessments.

GAO recommended that DoD implement its guidance to include annual rent and other costs in lease records and request facility security assessment data from FPS.

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