Gen. David Goldfein: Multi-Domain Key to Future Combined Arms Development

Lt. Gen. David Goldfein
Gen. David Goldfein

Gen. David Goldfein, vice chief of staff at the U.S. Air Force, has said he believes the future development of combined arms depends upon a multi-domain strategy.

The Air Force said Tuesday Goldfein checked the multi-domain development so far at two Numbered Air Forces, where the military branch’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and cyber forces collaborate on the effort.

“What you’re doing here is exactly what we need,” Goldfein told Maj. Gens. B. J. Shwedo and Burke Wilson during a visit to the 25th and 24th air forces.

“You’re already executing multi-domain, you’re on the right path, so keep running hard the way you’re going,” he said.

Goldfein also announced the completion of a process to develop the service’s future operating concept in preparation for its 2030 strategic plan.

“That strategic plan puts us in complete alignment with the Secretary of Defense’s vision for a third offset strategy,” Goldfein said.

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