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GSA 18F Researchers ID Potential Barriers to Public’s Interactions With Government

digital governmentResearchers at the General Services Administration’s 18F organization have outlined some findings from a study on how U.S. citizens interact with federal government.

Carolyn DewColin MacArthur and Michelle Chronister write in a blog post published Tuesday that they conducted the study for the “federal front door” project through interviews with individuals who transact with federal agencies from October 2015 to November 2015.

The project aims to identify trends through public interviews in order to improve government digital services.

Researchers cited shortages of public officials and lack of cross-agency digital systems as some of the barriers to public’s interactions with the federal government, according to the report.

The respondents also mentioned language fluency, access and digital literacy as challenges when they do business with federal agencies and that they seek help from family members and friends when they use government websites.

Chronister, MacArthur and Dew co-wrote the report with John Yuda and Brad Nunnally.

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