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Lt. Gen. David Mann: THAAD System Can Help US Allies Counter Missile Threats

MissileDefenseU.S. Army Lt. Gen. David Mann believes fielding Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems to the Korean Peninsula can help defend U.S. allies in the region against North Korea’s missile threats, the Army News Service reported Friday.

C. Todd Lopez writes Mann, chief of the Army Space and Missile Defense Command, said last week U.S. and South Korean defense officials were in discussions regarding a possible deployment of the THAAD anti-ballistic missile defense weapon in South Korea.

“That system, if the decision is made to deploy it, would be oriented on North Korea, quite frankly, and threats posed by the North Korean military,” he told ARNews.

“It’s a missile defense capability, to make sure we provide our South Korean partners as well as other partners in the region, with protection.”

Lockheed Martin builds the THAAD system, which comprises multiple launcher vehicles and interceptors, a radar and fire control technology.

The platform is designed to also operate with the Aegis Combat System and the Patriot Missile System.

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