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Military Times: Brad Carson to Resign as Acting DoD P&R Undersecretary

Brad Carson
Brad Carson

Brad Carson, acting undersecretary for personnel and readiness at the Defense Department, will leave the Pentagon on April 8 after nearly one year on the job, Military Times reported Monday.

Andrew Tilghman writes Carson has led DoD’s efforts to update its civilian and military workforce management policies and crafted the Future of the Force initiative that aims to help the department attract and retain talent.

He was chosen by President Obama for the acting P&R undersecretary role in April last year but some senators raised legal concerns about him serving in that position while he awaits a final Senate confirmation, Tilghman reports.

“Given the extraordinary work that we’ve already achieved to date, low likelihood of confirmation.. and reduced time left in the administration, I have determined it is better for me and my family to depart from public life,” Carson told his staff members in an email obtained by Military Times.

He previously served as a Democratic member of Congress from Oklahoma and as U.S. Army undersecretary.

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