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NASA Chooses 28 Researchers to Join Curiosity Mars Rover Mission

Mars RoverNASA has selected 28 researchers to join the the Curiosity Mars rover mission together with over 400 other members composed of principal investigators, co-investigators, science team collaborators, associates and students.

Six new participants will join the mission, seven re-selected participants served the previous mission in other roles and fifteen have previously been selected Mars Science Laboratory participating scientists, the space agency released Friday.

Several scientists from the initial Mars Science Laboratory participating scientists will rejoin the mission conducting day-to-day operations of Curiosity and interaction with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineers that manage the mission for the space agency, the report said.

Curiosity’s prime mission accomplished in 2014 was to find evidence of environmental conditions in Mars that supported microbial life.

Click here to see complete list of 28 researchers.

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