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Profile: Mitchell Komaroff, DoD Trusted Mission Systems and Networks Director

Mitch-Komaroff-EMMitchell Komaroff serves as the director of the Defense Department‘s Trusted Mission Systems and Networks for the DoD Chief Information Officer.

He oversees the development and implementation of a strategy that works to minimize national security risks posed by increasing globalization in the information and communications technology sector.

As TMSN director, Komaroff also leads transactional risk management in the U.S Committee on Foreign Investment and Federal Communications Commission Licensing affairs as well as policy development for the implementation of Departments Trusted Systems and Networks strategy that aims to reduce global supply chain risk.

Komaroff has helped implement software and systems assurance across DoD since assuming his current position.

Prior to joining the Office of the DoD CIO, Komaroff worked as computer scientist for the Defense Information Systems Agency where he handled network quality of service, IA Architecture and Information
Management matters.

Mitchell Komaroff has a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics from George Mason University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland, School of Law.

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