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US, British Troops Conduct Battlefield Tech Experiment

Army Expeditionary Warrior ExperimentU.S. and British troops have engaged in an experiment at Fort Benning to evaluate different technologies for potential use in warfighting efforts.

The U.S. Army said Tuesday the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment involved the British 3rd Battalion; The Rifles of the United Kingdom; and Soldiers of A Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment in partnership with the Maneuver Battle Lab.

Harry Lubin, Maneuver Battle Lab chief of the experimentation branch, said AEWE seeks to support small units through the exploration of concepts and prototypes for modernization and the subsequent collection of soldier feedback.

British and U.S. troops worked together and adapted to each other’s tactics in the process, EXFOR Company Commander David Sammy said.

“I would say the similarities far outweighed the differences,” said Tom Marshall, 3rd Battalion The Rifles captain.

“We continued to use some British tactics for the experiment, and it was a happy arrangement.”

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