US Copyright Office Asks for Comments on Agency’s IT Modernization Plan

digital governmentThe U.S. Copyright Office seeks public feedback on a proposed funding strategy and a timeline for the modernization of systems that the agency uses to examine, register, secure and license copyrighted works.

In a notice published March 1 on, USCO said it aims to build a new infrastructure that will leverage cloud services and mobile tools as well as incorporate data integrity and security controls.

The infrastructure will be designed to help customers transact with the agency faster and allow clients to register copyright protected materials and access licensing data, USCO noted.

The agency proposed a five-year plan to implement agency-wide IT upgrades in four sequential stages.

USCO indicated its annual budget comes from government appropriated funds and agency fees related to copyright registration, recordation and other services.

The agency will accept input on its IT modernization plan through March 31.

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