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Virginia Tech’s Randy Marchany: Federal Gov’t Tends to Label Some Cyber Threat Data ‘Classified’

cybersecurityRandy Marchany, chief information security officer at Virginia Tech, has said the federal government has a propensity to restrict the sharing of some cyber threat data and ongoing breach campaigns, Nextgov reported Wednesday.

Aliya Sternstein writes Marchany made his remarks at a cybersecurity conference Tuesday hosted by the U.S. Cyber Challenge and the Association for Federal Information Resources Management.

He said information on cyber incidents could help his team identify malicious threats on the school’s network infrastructure as well as disseminate information with other institutions in the education sector.

“The federal government now has this tendency to try to put a classified label on everything,” he told conference attendees.

“The information that we do get turns out to be really, really valuable in helping us correlate [suspicious activity],” he added.

In 2013, Virginia Tech reported a breach on its human resources server that compromised the personal data of approximately 145,000 applicants, the report noted.

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