Doug Loverro: DoD Begins Space Policy Updates, Eyes Civilian Agency to Oversee Satellites

Doug Loverro
Doug Loverro

Doug Loverro, deputy assistant secretary for space policy at the Defense Department, has said DoD has started to update its space policies in an effort to protect and make military satellites resilient in the event of attacks, Space News reported Thursday.

Loverro told Space News reporter Mike Gruss in an interview that DoD’s move to revise its space policy is in response to a 2014 study titled Space Strategic Portfolio Review.

He added that the Pentagon plans to update its space regulations in order to promote collaboration with commercial satellite providers, facilitate the transfer of space platforms with allies and advance the use of international satellites designed to control the movement of U.S. weapon systems.

Marcus Weisgerber also reported for Nextgov that Loverro said that the U.S. needs to set up or designate a civilian agency that would monitor satellites and other orbital objects in an effort to reduce risks of space collisions.

“If we think that this is going to be a problem, we need a regulatory structure to do this,” Loverro said at the National Space Symposium in Colorado.

“I think the first entree into that is allowing [the Federal Aviation Administration] into the space traffic monitoring game, which will eventually, I think, lead to a space traffic management,” he added.

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