FAA Expands Web-Based Registration System to Drones for Commercial, Public Use; Michael Huerta Comments

droneThe Federal Aviation Administration has expanded the use of an online registration system to owners of small unmanned aerial systems that use UAS for public, commercial and other operations other than as model aircraft.

The FAA launched the web-based system in December and initially required owners of model drones to register using the online tool

“Registration is an important tool to help us educate aircraft owners and safely integrate this exciting new technology into the same airspace as other aircraft operations,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said Thursday.

In addition to the registration process, the FAA will also require drone owners that operate small UAS for non-model uses to secure a public authorization certificate or a 333 exemption.

Owners will pay a registration fee of $5 and get a certificate with a validity period of three years for each registered UAS.

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