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Steve Walker: Chicago Museum to Exhibit DARPA Tech Projects

DARPAThe Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago will host an exhibit of various technology platforms developed or funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency from May 5 through Sept. 5.

Titled “DARPA: Redefining Possible,” the event will feature interactive displays and activities for students and adults, DARPA said Thursday.

“We hope the exhibit will serve as a reminder that some of the most exciting work going on today in fields as diverse as chemistry, engineering, cyber defense and synthetic biology are happening with federal support, in furtherance of pressing national priorities,” noted Steve Walker, deputy director of DARPA.

DARPA plans to display a large-scale model of the Sea Hunter autonomous ship, the Atlas humanoid robot, a robotic dog known as Spot, small implantable electrode arrays and an “air legs” exoskeleton in the Museum of Science and Industry for the four-month agency exhibit.

The agency will also present an immersive program about DARPA-backed technologies such as x-planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, chip-scale atomic clocks, tobacco plant-based Ebola vaccine and manmade lightning.

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