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Sutherland’s Teresa Weipert: Cultural Adaptation Key for Customer-Focused Agencies

Teresa Weipert
Teresa Weipert

Teresa Weipert, senior vice president of the government solutions business at Sutherland Global Services, has said she believes cultural adaptation is essential for agencies that aim to transform their delivery of public services.

She wrote in a guest piece published Friday on Nextgov that agencies should adopt a citizen engagement strategy that will cover technology, policies, best practices, feedback mechanisms and intra-agency and interagency cooperation.

“If agencies are to focus on the ‘new’ customer service, all employees must be engaged and committed, because it is a reflection on the department or agency,” she added.

According to Weipert, the Office of Management and Budget is working on a customer service playbook that can help government organizations to deliver services with digital technology.

She also urged agencies to consider adoption of avatar-based customer support technology and other call-avoidance methods that Weipert says can help government contact centers to save money.

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