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UK Defense Ministry to Allocate $57M on New Cybersecurity Center

cybersecurityU.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has said his agency will spend approximately $57 million on a new cybersecurity center to be potentially located at the defense ministry’s Corsham office.

The British defense ministry said Friday the Cyber Security Operations Center will employ cybersecurity professionals who will work to further protect the country’s networks and systems from cyber threats.

The ministry added the CSOC seeks to build on the government’s strategic defense and security review, which looks to bolster the country’s cyber defense in the next five years.

Fallon said the increasing budget will help the defense ministry stay ahead of cyberspace challenges.

The CSOC will also oversee the sharing of the defense ministry’s cybersecurity challenges among government agencies, allies and industry stakeholders as part of the National Cyber Security Center initiative, MoD said.

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