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USAID, GAO Ink MOU to Help Build Up Developing Countries’ Auditing Capacity

partnershipThe U.S. Agency for International Development and the Government Accountability Office‘s Center for Audit Excellence have partnered in effort to establish a collaboration framework for training and technical assistance to developing countries’ audit organizations.

The GAO-USAID memorandum of understanding works to support the Sustainable Development Agenda and help build up the auditing capacity and update the systems of audit organizations in developing countries, USAID said Tuesday.

“USAID and the GAO Center for Audit Excellence will leverage each other’s capabilities and expertise to accelerate progress toward our common goals of accountability, transparency, good governance and the sound use of public funds in partner countries,” said Alfonso Lenhardt, USAID deputy administrator.

“By doing so, we can help our partners advance development progress that is both inclusive and sustainable.”

USAID said Lenhardt and James Christian Blockwood, GAO managing director for strategic planning and external liaison, signed the MOU.

The agencies currently work to develop the implementation plan for the agreement.

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