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Army Implements New DoD Appraisal Program for Civilian Employees

HRThe U.S. Army has begun to transition its civilian staff into the new Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program for Defense Department employees.

The service branch said Wednesday it has transitioned and trained 3,100 Civilian Human Resources Agency staff into the new system and will continue implementation work for more than 200,000 civilians until June 2018.

The new program has a rating period that will run from April 1 to March 31 of the following year and employees who worked under an approved performance plan for a minimum of 90 calendar days will receive a rating based on a three-level pattern, the Army noted.

The ratings are Level 5 for “outstanding,” Level 3 for “fully successful” and Level 1 for “unacceptable,” the service branch added.

Military and civilian supervisors are required to complete a minimum of three formal documented performance discussions after every rating period with plans for employee performance and development as well as feedback and evaluation on employee performance.

Supervisors will also facilitate and document performance management activities through an automated appraisal tool or a hard copy form for those who do not have computer access, the Army noted.

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