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CBO: HASC’s Fiscal 2017 Defense Bill to Lower DoD Spending Over 10 Years

budget analysis reviewThe Congressional Budget Office Director estimates that the passage of the House Armed Services Committee’s fiscal year 2017 defense authorization bill would reduce the Defense Department‘s net direct spending by up to $206 million over the next decade.

Keith Hall, CBO director, told HASC Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) in a letter published Wednesday the estimation is based on the agency’s analysis of 2017 National Defense Authorization Act provisions.

Hall noted that proposed changes to DoD’s Acquisition Workforce Development Fund, national defense stockpile and Selective Service Registration programs will have an impact on direct spending.

CBO also estimates the implementation of 2017 NDAA provisions related to the military justice system would “increase the amount of fines and forfeitures of pay that are assessed at military courts-martial by less than $500,000” through fiscal 2026, he added.

He said those penalties are considered as revenues.

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