David Tillotson: DoD ‘Delayering’ Initiative Eyes $1.9B Savings for Military Training, Readiness

PentagonA Defense Department official has said DoD has begun to implement a “delayering” program at its headquarters in an effort to reduce personnel costs by 25 percent, DoD News reported Wednesday.

David Tillotson III, assistant deputy chief management officer at DoD, told DoD News reporter Lisa Ferdinando in an interview that the Pentagon aims to achieve $1.9 billion in savings through the initiative and use that savings for military readiness and training efforts.

Tillotson said the delayering initiative will run from fiscal year 2016 through FY 2020 and aims to restructure business practices and processes through attrition or reassignment of employees to other positions.

“By starting now, we have multiple years to address the issue,” he said.

Approximately 1,260 positions are slated for elimination within defense agencies and other field activities, while 309 positions are expected to be cut within the office of defense secretary, Tillotson told DoD News.

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