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Douglas Maughan: DHS Seeks to Educate Tech Firms on Federal Demand

The Department of Homeland Security has asked Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to participate in a DHS program that aims to employ products and services from the technology hub, Federal Times reported Tuesday.

Salvador Rodriguez writes DHS held an event on Friday where officials from the department and the Customs and Border Protection agency discussed their technology requirements to entrepreneurs and urged engagement with the Silicon Valley Innovation Program.

“One of the No. 1 goals of our innovation program is to educate the innovation community on our problems,” said Douglas Maughan, senior executive of the DHS initiative.

Maughan added the DHS solely intends to buy products and services rather than become part owners of the startups, according to the report.

The program will award up to $800,000 to startups within 30 days after a pitch and requires delivery of a prototype through a period of three to six months, Federal Times noted.

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